Summer Sing


Had changed date last year to avoid clash with Chingford and Barking festivals and now have discovered they have also changed their dates and clash with us again !!

New date July 3/4/5- only date available now – bound to clash with something but at least clear of the local events.

Flyers and booking form available now !! Jan Ayres

Have only had three responses so far to change of date- all negative

Please let me know if you do intend to attend as I need to know if financially viable . If not enough positive responses will be able to cancel and hopefully get a return of some of the £100 booking deposit .

Hope to hear from folk soon . if you would like information and booking forms please email or text me mob 07799407363.

This is a relaxed folk weekend with shared meals , singing and a just for fun ( small prizes and a returnable trophy) traditional step dance on a small board contest . Jan